Monday, December 13, 2010

Really Cold weather for December but Still Good Fishing for Naples and Marco

I hope all like fishing in the Cold.  Wow what a December so far, I do not believe I have ever had my long Johns out this early ever.  I sure hope we do not get anymore global warming or we will all freeze to death.  The good news in all the cold is when we can get out and we find someone that wants to fish we are catching plenty of species even some warm weather species.  This past week water temps have been cold but the list of species is long an distinguished.  Snook, Redfish, Trout, Pompano, Permit, Sheepshead, Snapper, Flounder, Ladyfish, Jack Crevalle,  Grouper, and a few others I cannot remember.  Not bad for cold weather fishing. 


Fly Fishing has been great on the clear flats for Redfish and Sheepshead and on the edges fro Trout, and Ladyfish.  The trick on the flats small flies and long casts are getting plenty of takers.  In the channels a sink tip line with bright Clousers are doing the trick.  I have also come up with a new Spoon Fly that will be available soon.  It works in deeper waters and catches everything that swims.  I fished a couple of nights under the lights and they have been ok, still plenty of Snook but the bite is a little tough we need to warm up a little. 


Bait fishing with White bait not happening.  Live Shrimp the only way to go and it has been very good.  Whole shrimp in the small Creeks are catching just about everything that you might want to catch.  And Tipped Jigs in the channels adjacent to the flats are bringing up plenty of Pompano, Permit and Trout(Trout opens Jan.1).  It looks like we are going to have one more arctic blast this week and then go into a little warming trend, we need it.  Maybe this will be the last reel bad cold for a while and people will want to get out and fish.  If we do not start warming soon we are going to see another fish kill and that would be awful for our resources. 


Bass fishing in the Everglades has been pretty tough with all this wind and cold.  We are catching them but they aren’t on fire like the should be this month.  That will change around with a little warm weather though.  Water levels are right we just need a little warmth.


Well this is the Christmas Fishing report so I hope all have a great holiday weather you are here in Southwest Florida or in one of the Tundra areas up to our North.  It looks like it will be a splendid New Year and we will wait for a new years fishing report when we see what the weather does.  Please everyone have a great Christmas and Happy New Year.  Good Fishing Capt. Roan z.