Sunday, October 28, 2012

Windy conditions this week but fishing is still pretty good



From: Roan zumFelde []
Sent: Friday, October 26, 2012 11:14 AM
Subject: Fishing Report for next publication Naples and marco and Everglades.


This week fishing in the Naples and Marco area has been outstanding except for some problematic wind.


The fishing is still going strong in the Naples and Marco area this week with one addition to the usual array of characters, Tripletail.  These tasty creatures are showing up in semi good numbers to the North of Naples  between 1 and 3 miles off.  The only problem we are having is it is a little windy to get to them each day.  I was able to track a couple down on fly last week but it was one of those days when I could get out there.  Things should improve though after the latest Tropical whatever blows by.  The best way to catch them is to run the trap lines staying about 50 to 100 feet away from the buoys, and look for them floating near the crab trap markers.  When you see one of them, and you will sooner or later, turn around and stealthily approach them up current and toss a live shrimp just past the float pulling it back over them and letting it drop.  This should get their attention.  Come tight and try to get them away from the trap line before he/she wraps you up.  Just a couple of words of advice:  If you are running the lines at low tide stay up wind so that you do not run over the crab lines that will be stretched out on top of the water.  Now for the rest of the players.  The usual cast are all still here and going strong.  The morning Snook and Tarpon bite in all the passes is red hot.  Some big Snook are being caught on Live White Bait, White Buck tail Jigs, and Larger Deceiver or Clouser Fly Patterns.  This is one of my favorite times of the year to throw a large Flash tail Clouser in the passes on either an intermediate or full sink fly line.  Tarpon will hit this also.  Please when you are fishing for these fish do your best to release them carefully, they are our future for this part of Florida and very important to our fishing resources.    The other fish everyone want to know about is our Redfish, one of the few fish other than the tripletail you can keep this month.  Good numbers are still being caught in most of the area.  The outside bays and the shorelines with hard bottom points have been the best.  Whether it is oyster or rock the harder the bottom the better the fishing right now.  That will change over the next month with cooler temps and cooler water temps coming though.  When the water temps cool start looking to the muddier bottom bays to be holding more of them.  There are still some sporadic catches of keeper Mangrove Snapper but this is definitely on the wane right now.  This next week we will be seeing some cooler water temps so you might want to start looking for your winter species like Pompano and Sheepshead to start making their appearance.  Incoming tides in the intercostal waterways leading from the passes should be the first places to look.  Good fishing and please visit our store at Naples Bay Resort at the Gordon River Bridge in downtown Naples.  Good fishing Capt. Roan z.


1st picture perfect Redfish Habitat. 

2nd Picture Peacock Bass are starting to bite better this month.

3rd Picture Redfish caught from behind the point in picture one.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Great Fishing for Naples and Marco, looks like it can only get Better

Fishing this week has been nothing short of spectacular.  The Snook fishing early and late has been excellent mostly on the outside points from North Naples all the way to Lostmans River.  Early and late are the keys to success.  Mid-Day fishing not good for the Snook but do not despair the Redfish fishing has been even better than Snook fishing.  They are biting everything and just about everywhere.  On the outside they are in the bights on the low incoming tide and on the inside bays nearest the gulf you can find them cruising most banks especially ones with scattered oyster on them.  I have not forgotten you Tarpon anglers, The bigger fish have been a little sporadic but early and late in the passes they are blowing up on Glass Minnows and when the mullet schools come through.  You need big baits to tempt them.  Plenty of white bait for the bait fisherman but the Tarpon do not want them, they want a mullet or a ladyfish under a cork.  The back country creeks are also paying off for my Fly Fisherman, with all this rain the small Snook and Tarpon are flowing out the river mouths and are scattered across the inner Bays.  Small Brown or Black Muddler flies in size #2 have been taking them very well.  There are also a few Reds running around back there if you are looking for a slam on Fly.  More Reds to the outside though.  Bass fishing nonexistent in the Everglades due to high water but I hear Okeechobee is red hot, but this comes second hand.  Keep your Loops Tight.  Capt. Roan z.  Thought you might want to see some pictures of fish other than Snook and Tarpon this month.  CJ and Becky Oliver with some great carp on Fly.