Saturday, October 29, 2011

Naples and Marco Fishing Report and Redsnook Tournament

Well, October is about over and the Long awaited RedSnook Tournament is over.  Two days of fishing as hard as anyone can.  Just want to congratulate the Tournament committee that really did a wonderful job putting on the tournament and a special thanks to all the contributors to the tournament.  They raised over $100,000 Dollars this year.  To all the Tournament competitors that participated congratulations and great job at all the fish everyone landed.  Congrats to the Cabada team for the 41 inch Snook and the Capt. Root Team for the 28 inch Redfish.  Congratulations for all the division Team winners.  Capt. Bruce Jackmack, Capt. Bill Faulkner, Capt. Kevin Mihaloff.  I also have a very special congratulations to my young team of anglers.  Even though they finished second overall and first in Junior Division they fished their butts off for two days.  The two Brothers overcame a tough first day to pull out the second place finish the second day.  They did not get down they just fished harder and landed some beauties the second day.  Congrats Oliver and Alex.


The fishing for the end of October is about on course for a regular year.  We have some Tarpon still migrating back south, lots of bait on the inside and outside with lots of ladyfish and Mackerel showing in the passes and along the beaches.  Snook are scattered a little bit of everywhere.  The last couple of days my anglers have caught Snook in the Passes all the way back to the farthest creeks.  Redfish have been in most of the bays and some nice tailers on the low rising tides.  Check out Cannon Bay it has been red hot on the low tide.  Jig fisherman are picking up a few pompano along with a trout or two.  The passes have Tarpon early and late.  Sound pretty good, Huh.  My guides that Are running some bass trips are starting to catch them pretty good in Okeechobee and in the Interceptor Canal.  The water along 75 is still a little High.


I hope everyone is ready for November.  It looks like it is going to be pretty good.  If we can get this Tropical stuff out of here and figure out what the Cold fronts are going to do.  November is a weather related month.  What I mean is good weather good fishing, bad weather bad fishing.  Forecast looks for a little cooler than normal.  This would suggest our winter type species should become more prevalent like Trout, Pompano, Ladyfish, Jacks, Sheepshead, and Redfish should be picking up the pace.  Tarpon, Snook will be getting more difficult to target.  If the cooler weather does not materialize then we should still be in a late summer pattern with lots of bait and loads of Snook and Tarpon around, only time and the weather will tell us.  No Albacore coming though yet but I would expect it at any time.  Bass Fishing will be good all month.  This is also a pretty good month for Peacocks in the Golden Gate.  Hopefully they will do some work on the Hydrilla this year.  Good luck and Good Fishing.



Pictures of Hal Rosen with a nice 32inch Redfish and Large Sheepshead he caught on his new TFO MiniMagnum Fly Rod.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

New Naples and Marco Island and Everglades Bass Fishng Report for October

Fishing at the end of September was wonderful.  Few boats and lots of fish to catch.  Weather was a little moist but in between the rain drops the fishing was fabulous.  I would expect continued good fishing through October and into November. 


Snook, Tarpon, and Redfish  should be plentiful from the passes into the deepest regions of out back country.  Red fishing especially in the bays and along Oyster points nearer to the outside passes should be spectacular,  We have seen much greater numbers of redfish this year since the Snook die off a year ago.  I would expect to have a banner Redfish year this fall with large schools sticking around longer than they used too.  Snook fishing around Naples and Marco is still awesome.  Large numbers of small Snook and some larger ones thrown in for good measure.  The Snook fishing to our south and North a little bit worse.  Still trouble for the fish to our south and to the north.  Catching Snook South of marco and through the Glades is not impossible you have to work hard for what you get.  We will have to see this Fall how many fish show up in the backs of the bays in the Ten t and the Everglades.  Still many of the fish down there are staying in the offshore waters.  Tarpon  have been in most of the passes along with the other species that move in this time of the year.  Big fish on the outside and smaller fish in the backcountry creeks.  Although we boated a 50 lb. fish in the back of a creek this morning.  I would expect the fish to be here all this month and most likely most of next month as long as the water temps stay up. 


This is the time of the year that a lot of species are moving around,  You will get the fall migrations of fish like Mackerel and Ladyfish.  The Cobia and Kingfish will be showing too.  Sometime near the end of the month into November we will have out three week run of False Albacore.  Great fighter and they will be as close as 100 to 200 yards off our beaches.  Look for the large flocks of birds and mackerel and the Albies should be there. 


If freshwater is your game then you need to start fishing, as the water cools the bass in the Glades canals will be hitting with reckless abandon to feed up before the temps cool down.  Top waters should be the ticket.  Good luck and Good fishing  Roan z.