Monday, May 16, 2011

FW: Naples and Marco Fishing report May/June Great Fishing Now and in June



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Subject: Naples and marco Fishing report May/June


Sorry I have been a little lax on getting my new Fishing reports out for April, but I am back and will have them out the rest of the year.  Fishing for may has been very good so far.  May is fishing much like June.  What I mean is I believe we are a month ahead on our fishing this year.  Due to abnormal high temps the fish movement and migrations are running ahead of schedule.  Tarpon have been in both inside and out for the last month.  The only difficulty is that they have been moving fast and furious.  I would expect that to take a turn for the rest of this month.  The Tarpon should settle down and start working the flats.  Look for them on the outside and in the Passes from Lostmans River to Boca Grande.  In North Florida I think they will be showing up early also.  I have heard reports of fish Already at Indian Pass and off St. Vincent Island. 


Snook Fishing is at its normal blistering pace for this time of the year.  The lights are red hot, the Passes are chocked full from Marco North to Redfish pass to our North.  Heaviest concentrations around Marco, Naples, and Bonita.  South of Marco still a little slow but better reports are coming in all the time.  It seems that the offshore and inshore fish are starting to congregate around the River mouths south of Cape Romano.  I still believe Snook Populations are in rebounding condition.  They are not stable yet and still need to be protected on the West Coast.  When you catch one please release carefully and try not to let the Dolphins get them if you can help it.  I hope they are going to keep the season closed for one more year.  We have good numbers of fish but they are not back to where we are out of trouble yet. 


Redfish are scattered in and around Naples and Marco.  Much better to our South and North.  Good numbers being caught South of Everglades and North of Pine Island.  In between a little week, especially the Ten thousand islands.  This time of the year is Snook and Tarpon  time anyhow and redfish catches are always incidental.  Grouping Sea Trout into the mix look for them on the beaches and to the outside troughs and nearshore wrecks and reefs.  Also incidental catch.


Bass fishing in the Glades is probably over for the year.  Big numbers anyhow.  If the water rises and cools a bit with rain storms we could have a little rebound for the rest of the month.  The fish are there but the water is hot and the fish a little lethargic.  Early morning and late evening your best shots. 


June should be red hot fishing this year.  Tarpon and Snook Fishing will be off the hook.  Snook are already starting to spawn and they are showing up along beaches and passes to do there thing.  Tarpon also are cruising along both inside and out.  Small Tarpon that were scattered in may should be getting together with a little June Rain.  Small Tarpon really got hurt last year in the Cold and again we need to be gentle with them until our numbers rise.  Look to the passes and along the beaches for most of our fishing in June.


Congrats to Kyle Andrea  for his first Snook, Tarpon, and Seatrout on Fly.