Monday, June 20, 2011

Fishing report Naples and marco June and July Awesome fishing is Here!

Fishing the first part of June in Naples and marco has been nothing short of AWESOME.  Big Tarpon on the beaches and Flats, great Snook in the Passes and on the beaches, Pompano and Trout on the beaches.  Tough to beat the fishing here. 


June has lived up to its reputation we are catching great numbers of Snook both inside and outside.  Certainly the outside has been the best.  Large spawning females are cruising around everywhere.  They are feeding on everything Bait, Artificial, or Fly.  Last evening alone we boated close to 50 Snook on fly in under four hours mostly on poppers, what an evening.  We actually quit early my anglers arms were too sore to catch another fish.  Tarpon are here also.  Inside the smaller fish are coming out with the new rain we have been having in the afternoons and the big ones are on the beaches on the outside.  Flats near the passes are very good mostly on the incoming tide.  Remember Snook is closed and looks like it will be closed through most of next year.  I am happy about that.  We have many Snook around Naples but there are large areas that have few fish.  We are fortunate others are les fortunate with there populations.  We still need to protect them, we need one more good spawning season to get back to good numbers.  Redfish are available mostly being caught on live shrimp in the mangrove creeks and some on the flats to the south.  Fly anglers are catching a few but targeting them a little tough unless you can find them on clear water flats adjacent to creek channels.  If you want food fish Snapper and Spanish mackerel are just about everywhere.  Snapper are good eaten fresh and so are mackerel.  Cut all the blood lines out of the Spanish and refrigerate for 4 hours before cooking.  Grilled with lemon dill or lemon basil sauce they are spectacular.  The fey is to eat them the same night you catch them if you wait a couple of days they get too strong. 


July looks good in the forecast.  If we keep getting rain the small Tarpon fishing will be excellent and of course Snook will still be eating everything in sight.  I would expect the Pompano and Permit to start hitting the beaches.  Trout will be on the near shore wrecks and ledges but this time of the year they get a little wormy and very soft, not as good as they are in winter.  Snapper should be just about everywhere, we have been limiting out on all our trips and that should continue.  Good Luck and good Fishing Roan z.